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Built for Convenience

The brand new Detect-Ed COMPACT Series Carbon Shaft is a fully low weight, 3 piece design made to collapse down smaller, yet still extend to full length to make transporting or storing your Minelab Equinox 600/800 Metal Detector even easier!

How Does it Compare?

The Compact Shaft for the Minelab Equinox is a 3 piece design that telescopes down to an even smaller size than our other Detect-Ed Equinox Shaft Sets. The original Detect-Ed shafts (2 piece design) are still the lowest weight option for your Equinox Metal Detector while this compact 3 piece design is the most convenient for storage, travel and fitting your metal detector into a bag.  


- 30% lighter than the stock Minelab Equinox shaft
- Telescopes down small for transport and storage
- Bolt-On Upgrade (all parts included)
- Smooth matte finished Carbon Fibre finish
- Anodized Aluminium twist-lock clamps
- 100% Carbon fibre

Compact Shaft Specifications:

Weight: 199 grams
Collapsed: 63cm / 25"
Extended:144cm / 57"

Length of your Equinox when fitted:

Collapsed: 66cm / 26" (bottom of coil to end of shaft)
147cm / 58" (bottom of coil to end of shaft)

Set Includes:

Detect-Ed [Compact] Carbon Shaft
Shaft Fitment Adapter + 3M Tape
2 x Round Rubber Washers
Hex Key For Fitment