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Download or view the Deus 2 Manual HERE

The Deus 2 metal detector is anticipated to be the most high end treasure detector available in 2022.  With Fast Multi Frequency, a robust dive-proof housing and a super low weight telescopic design, we expect the Deus 2 to be an incredible performer in every conceivable environment.  

We expect the DEUS 2 will appeal greatly to the most serious treasure hunters or those who want uncompromised performance in a super low weight package.

Today, XP is once more pushing the limits by creating, the first wireless, multi-frequency metal detector with unique features and performance.

Once the DEUS 2 coil, remote control, headphones and pinpointer are paired, they communicate with each other wirelessly and without latency using the XP patented radio protocol system. This means that the target signals generated by the Deus 2's coil are quickly transmitted to the headphones without any delay, giving the DEUS II unparalleled speed and accuracy. The DEUS II performs extremely well in all terrain and conditions, both on land and at sea, thanks to FMF® (Fast Multi Frequency) technology.

Choose either the Fast Multi Frequency (FMF) programs or between 49 single frequencies from 4 to 45 kHz.



  • FMF®: Fast and simultaneous Multi Frequency or 49 single frequencies from 4 to 45 kHz
    • All terrain: high performance on land and on the beach
  • 12 installed factory programs + 12 users
  • Wide and precise discrimination range
  • Multiple dynamic audio options: PWM, SQUARE, and more to come
  • Audio Response, Iron volume, Multi Tones, Notch, Reactivity, Threshold with Audio frequency adjustable + many expert functions
  • Ground Tracking or Grabbing
  • Motion and non-motion modes (pinpoint)
  • Frequency shift + automatic frequency scan option for EMI noise cancel
  • Independent Audio Volume for RC, wireless headphones and bone conduction headphones
    • Control the headphone volume levels via the remote
    • Headphones auto power On and Off
  • 4 Bands Equalizer configurable on each audio output


General features

  • Wireless digital radio link between the Deus 2 coil, the remote control, and the headphones (+the optional wireless pinpointer MI-6)

  • Ultra-light detector: start from 750g

  • Waterproof and shockproof remote control: Fully over molded with rubber, multipoint stainless steel connector for charge, updates, backlit graphic display, pocket sized (hip mount case provided)

  • Waterproof coils 22.5cm (9’’)  28cm (11’’)

  • IP 68 compliant - 20m / 66ft (the antenna provided is required when the coil is submerged)

  • USB software updates for RC

  • High performance lithium batteries

  • Battery life: Remote Control up to 30 hours - Headphones up to 17 hours - Coil up to 20 hours depending on programs and frequencies (see instruction manual)

  • Charging Time: Quickly charge all 3 units in 3 hours.

  • Made In France

  • Patents Pending

  • 5 Year warranty and designed to last

BH01 Bone Conduction Headphones

Compatible Models: XP DEUS II

XP is proud to present the first bone conduction headphones designed for metal detecting, BH-01. Made in France by XP, it is waterproof IP68 so you can dive with your DEUS II up to 20m deep.

Why Bone Conduction Headphones?

Using ordinary waterproof headphones underwater, the ear fills with water and hearing is often lessened. BH-01 sits in front of the ears on the cheekbone and transmits sound to the inner ear directly through vibrations applied to the bones, without straining the eardrums. Your ears are therefore free.

In disturbed or noisy water, you can dive usefully with ear plugs to avoid infection or simply to isolate yourself better from noise. You will thus hear the sound perfectly by bone conduction whilst protecting your ears.

Warning : When diving use only dedicated earplugs that allow pressure balancing, never use standard earplugs as they may damage the ear when diving.

You can also use these headphones on land with the freedom of being able to hear your surroundings or, conversely, to isolate yourself from noisy surroundings, once again with ear plugs.

BH-01 also allows the hearing impaired to feel the vibrations generated by the targets towards the cochlea, or simply the vibrations depending on the type of alteration of the hearing system. Adjusting the audio frequencies downwards (100 to 300Hz) could further improve perception depending on the disorder.


  • IP68 certified: waterproof up to 20m deep
  • Multi terrain: underwater and for windy and noisy environments
  • Designed to last, 5 Year warranty
  • Made in France


  1. Remote + Hipmount Case
  2. 1 BH01 Bone Conduction Headphones
  3. 1 Search Coil with Coil Cover 
  4. 1 Coil Fitting Kit
  5. 1 Aerial Antenna to use underwater + clip
  6. 1 Grey Cap on the remote + 1 Red Cap for diving (see DIVING & SEALING)
  7. 1 S-TELESCOPIC Stem + Lower Stem
  8. 1 Mains Adapter 
  9. 1 Charging Cable for three components and remote updates
  10. 1 Coil Connection Clamp

*Please note: this product can only be shipped within Australia.