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Gemstone PayDirt 10 Carat

Gemstone PayDirt 10 Carat

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Gemstone PayDirt 10ct (500g)

Designed for use with a set of Gold Sieves!

Dive into a gem-hunting adventure with this Gemstone PayDirt 10ct (500g) hand-dug and naturally sourced from Sapphire Bend in South East Australia.

This isn't just any old dirt; inside, you'll find a minimum of 10 carats of genuine Australian gemstones including sapphires, zircons, quartz, and who knows - maybe even a surprise bit of gold or a sparkling diamond!

- Each bag contains 10ct (2 grams) of gemstones minimum.
- Chance to find more in the 100% unchecked soil inside.
- 1 lucky bag contains a big Sapphire!

This cool bag of paydirt is handcrafted by Kurtle (aka Kurt) – not just any Sapphire hunter, but an inspiring treasure hunter on YouTube also. He's personally made sure each bag holds unsearched soil from Sapphire Bend, so you're guaranteed to find some awesome shiny stones in there.

When you grab a bag of this gemstone paydirt, you're not just buying dirt; you're stepping into a thrilling search for hidden gems and joining in on one of Kurtle's adventures. Plus, every bag you buy is a high-five for Kurtle, helping him keep those awesome treasure-hunting videos coming.

We're super excited to help Kurtle bring this adventure-packed product to you. So, are you ready to sift through and find your own hidden treasures?

Grab your Gemstone PayDirt and let the fun begin! These will sell out.

View the smaller 5 Carat Bag HERE.

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