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XP Finds Pouch

XP Finds Pouch

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XP Finds Pouch

The perfect accessory to compliment the XP backpack 280 on your metal detecting adventures, the XP Finds Pouch is a professional belt mounted “must have” item.

Description: The XP Finds Pouch is provided with a large directly accessible pocket to store larger objects (such as big relics) and it also has another small pocket closed by a zip to put securely place smaller finds (such as old coins).

You can wear it on the belt, via the adjustable strap provided or attach it to the XP backpack thanks to the 2 MOLLE® fasteners (acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment: modular equipment carrying light loads)

In the same way you can fix on your XP Find Pouch, other accessories on the two MOLLE® fasteners which are located on both sides of the XP find pouch. For example the holster of your MI-4 or MI-6 PinPointer


  • Fully compatible with the XP BACKPACK 280 
  • Universal MOLLE® attachment system to hang
    and secure accessories
  • Fully washable
  • Water drainage system for underwater or wet weather
  • Multiple storage compartments
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